About us

About us

SONTE film is a technology that allows the colour of the film to go from transparent to non-transparent. It gives you the option for privacy on demand by adjusting the amount of light traveling through your glass window.

SONTE is a revolutionary idea, pledged by 459 backers with $237,291 to help bring this project to life.

SONTE Poland

Since 2014

Since the start, we served over 20 satisfied customers, performing 50 projects.

Our project is dedicated for both private and business customers. SONTE Film is a perfect solution for offices, conference rooms, but also kitchen and bathroom.

Our reason for starting this project is simple - curtains have been around for thousands of years without much improvement. The small advances that have been made, such as motorized shades and smart glass, can be extremely expensive and complex to install. With SONTE Film, we set out to revolutionise the industry of windows and curtains. Our goal is to make our smart film technology affordable and easy to install for all. A combination of our passion and business innovation creates a solution perfect for you.


  • June 2013
    Raised over $77,000 witin the first week of funding.
  • July 2013
    Successfully raised $237,291 USD with 459 backers.
  • March 2014
    SONTE established branch in Australia, which becomes a headquarter for Australia, Oceania and southeast Asia.
  • April 2014
    SONTE established branch in Hong Kong, a headquarter for Asia.
  • May 2014
    SONTE established in Europe.
  • June 2014
    SONTE received Vereniging Eigen Huis award.
  • September 2014
    SONTE received most innovative product award in Decorex, RPA.
  • December 2014
    SONTE Poland become the only supplier for Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Baltic countries.
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